Committed to the research, education, mobilization, and public involvement of water resources in Wyoming. 

The mission of the Upper Green River Network is to utilize research, education, mobilization, and public involvement in Wyoming with the goal of conserving the naturally diverse values within the Green River Basin and into the greater Colorado River Basin.

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Our Story

The Upper Green River Network came to life in the Summer of 2017 as a collaboration of river-lovers. The long-standing organization Living Rivers and the Colorado Riverkeeper have been expanding their network across the Colorado River Basin in recent years, and UGRN was created to provide a voice to Wyoming, the headwaters state of the Green River which is the largest tributary in the Colorado River Basin. As aridification rises in the Colorado River Basin, connecting and communicating with the entire watershed is increasingly necessary, and the Colorado Riverkeeper Network provides a platform to initiate conversations and action. Educating citizens on different levels about watersheds in the state is central in what UGRN does: both on a policy and water development level, as well as in K-12 classrooms. We believe that the future of water relies on an understanding of human embeddedness in the system, and fostering respect for freshwater sources that sustain the earth. Therefore, we aim to play a role in shaping water policy in Wyoming, as well as fostering a love and knowledge of water resources for Wyoming-ites across the state and greater Green and Colorado River Basins.   

Wyoming is known for wild and pristine rivers and lakes, and have helped drive the biodiversity, culture, economy of the great state. A passion for rivers drives the program, and we firmly believe that communities should have a voice in shaping how water is treated moving forward. UGRN is excited to continue to work with other organizations, institutions, and individuals about water issues that come up and serve as a passionate and supportive partner to articulate and communicate important issues in the Upper Green River Basin and the state as a whole.      



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