house by the lake

House On the Seashore: Pitfalls

Probably, there is no such city dweller who would not dream of his own house on the seashore. Imagine how pleasant it is to enjoy the gentle rays of the sun and bathe in warm water for four months of the year, and to breathe in the crystal clear sea air enriched with iodine without dust and harmful impurities in the remaining eight months.

The prospects are really bright, until you understand the features of life on the coast. Indeed, many beautiful houses on the seashore are not intended for housing all year round. Often they have neither a kitchen nor even gas. And if you can eat at nearby points of catering, then with the heating of housing in the cold season, things are completely sad.

There is only one way out – to equip the house with an electric heating system and water heating. Just keep in mind that even if you do not live in the house, you need to maintain the plus temperature in it all winter, such measures are necessary so that the heating and water pipelines do not fail. Are you ready for such electricity costs? Anyway, having a house by the sea is not a cheap pleasure, anyway, but you even have to pay for your own “luxury”.

And if the apartments are located in the resort area, then there will be other problems – immediately get ready to counteract the owners of this territory. It’s not that they are not happy about the new owners, everyone here simply obeys their laws, lives by their rules and participates in the financing of the adjacent territory, and they will have to pay utility bills at rates that are much higher than in a city apartment. Are you ready to be constantly monitored (and the fact that all your entries and exits from the “object” are recorded in a special journal, do not even hesitate), as well as pay for mythical services? Think about it.

Living in a house on the ocean also has several disadvantages. High humidity, from which not only the laundry seems wet, but also the washing machine and the refrigerator rust. In addition, strong winds and hurricanes during the changing seasons can bring many troubles to homeowners. Add to this the constant cleaning of the sand applied by the wind and households and the “eternal” sound of the waves, which not everyone likes. And the rest here are the same benefits of relaxation as on the seashore: you can sunbathe enough, swim and enjoy idleness.

House on the shore of a freshwater pond

This option is more acceptable for the average citizen of our country than the two previous ones, and a house on the river bank can appear for almost anyone who wants to part with the benefits of civilization and immerse themselves in rural life. Judge for yourself, the price of housing decreases with every ten kilometers of distance from a large city. And, having sold even a one-room apartment, you can buy a house by the river in some distant village. And owning financial means, you will receive a house very close to the city, near a reservoir, and even with all the amenities.

If there is an alternative to having a country house or apartments on the beach, then for sure you will choose the second option. And do it right! Now the main thing is to adapt to life near a reservoir.

Advantages and disadvantages of living near a river or lake

Like any type of housing, a house on the shore of a lake, river, rate has both pros and cons. Let’s start with the benefits of living near a natural or artificial pond.

Firstly, it’s an amazing view from the windows or from the terrace. As a rule, nature created a favorable environment for vegetation near water bodies, where the latter is distinguished by a riot of color, so it seems that the house is buried in greenery. Of course, you will also have to put your hand to this and arrange the site in such a way that there is a place for relaxation.

Secondly, fresh air all year round. Citizens who are accustomed to breathing exhaust fumes and dust can sometimes find it difficult to get used to clean air (you probably noticed that you constantly want to sleep in nature), but after a few weeks everything comes back to normal, and people begin to enjoy clean air and birdsong , and even the fact that at night you can see not a piece of the sky, as in a city, but to consider all of it in its entirety.

Thirdly, for fishing enthusiasts there is an opportunity to relax body and soul with a fishing rod in their hands. And those who are used to living more mobile will enjoy riding a motor boat or a jet ski.

Fourthly, on the territory of the site you do not need to have a pool, because you can always refresh yourself in a pond.

Fifthly, the cultivation of crops on its territory can distract from worldly fuss and fill life with new meaning. If you plan to set up a garden near a house by the river, then choose a site with fertile soils.

If you have recently bought a plot and are just starting to build a house on an uninhabited territory without communications, then proximity to the rivulet will save you from problems with water – you can always get it in the river. The same advantage applies to watering – with the help of a pump and a long hose, you can easily water plants in your area.

Also, having a house in a village on the river bank, there is no problem with the discharge of wastewater. To do this, you need to build the simplest sewage treatment plant – a septic tank of three sections, in each of which the liquid will settle and, ultimately, go into the purified river.

But there are also flaws in paradise life outside the city. This is the lack of developed infrastructure (find out if there is a kindergarten, school, decent grocery store nearby), and the proximity to reptiles (water is their habitat, so you have to put up with it), and the likelihood of a suburban house being flooded on the riverbank, especially in flood period. And the cost of the site near the reservoir, as a rule, is higher.

But this is all the lyrics, and the main problem is the possibility of flooding the house by the river and, as a result, reducing its lifespan.

If you plan to build a house on waterlogged soil, then it is advisable to put it on a pile foundation, which should reach solid rock.

Another way of draining excessively moist soil is to divide the territory into cascades, which will prevent landslides and the destruction of buildings. To do this, separate stages of the cascades are fenced with reinforced concrete barriers, in which openings are made for the descent of water. Another option is a tree-lined slope that can also prevent landslides.

Anyway, it is prestigious and pleasant to have a house on the banks of a river, lake or sea, and for the most part all difficulties can be solved. As they say, in the modern world you can realize any whim and build a home, even in a swamp.