How to Set Up a Plow for a Mini Tractor

This article will help you correctly set up the mounted plow: install it correctly, adjust it, run it. This will allow you to achieve excellent results when processing the soil and get a good harvest. In addition, it will protect the minitractor from damage.

It’s Important To Know

Before starting the setup, it is important to consider:

This is important for determining the working depth. As a rule, this parameter (depth) varies within the maximum mark of 50 cm. But for well-groomed soil without weeds, 20 will be enough. Consider setting the plow based on this number.

Getting Started Setup

Place your vehicle on a flat surface, connect the hitch and raise it. Then place a piece of wood each under the front and rear wheels on the left side. The height of the wood structures to be laid should be 18 centimeters.

Why exactly 18 and not 20? Because when processing the field, the center of gravity changes and shifts to the right. The left wheel will burrow slightly in soft ground and slip. And in order to provide the necessary depth, we must neutralize the difference with these two centimeters.

By the way, if you have an all-wheel drive tractor, then it is better to put the structure 2-3 cm higher under the front wheel.
After fixing the wheels and attachments as described above, continue with further manipulations.

Regulate Mouldboard Plough

Let’s move on to adjusting the first body. Let’s consider in stages.

  1. First of all, you will need to set the indent from the edge of the share to the right wheel. This gap should be no more than 10% of the working width of the mounted plow.
  2. Next, you need to adjust the share. You should lower the plow. And to do this so that its cutting part is located close to the ground.
  3. Don’t forget the field board. Its edge should be a few centimeters above the soil surface.

Note that the complexity of further work depends on the position of the board relative to the axis of your mini tractor. If you raise the rear of the structure, the car will drive to the right. And when she enters the ground, the technique will lead to the left.

Of course, an incorrectly positioned field board will increase the load on the mini tractor and complicate the control. In addition, its misalignment will create uneven furrows, lead to plow wear and loose dynamic parts.

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Checking Plow Operation

Just tune the plow a little. Make sure that the field board is correctly aligned with the axis of the mini tractor. Depth adjuster.

Did a test drive to get a feel for the attachment. And if all is well, then feel free to get to work.

Our experts will help you to correctly adjust the result to obtain results.